Kings Way Infant School

Children's Welcome

Welcome to our school.  Here is a short video of what your child's first day at Kingsway will be like.

Here are some welcoming and reassuring words from the children who started at Kingsway Infant School recently.

"Welcome to Kingsway!  We will help you by showing you around."                                  
Lola - Red Class

 "It's nice to do some learning."
Billy - Orange Class     

"If someone is afraid we can hold their hands."                                                    
Evie - Red Class   

"We read lots from books."
Antoni - Orange Class   

"My favourite thing is we have caterpillars in school."  
Eric - Red Class 

"You are learning without knowing it."
Bobby - Orange Class               

"My best thing is choosing."                                                                            
Ronnie - Red Class

"We can play with the new children if they don't have friends or are sad."
Lillie-Mai - Orange Class                 

"If you are new to our class you will make friends"                                                
Maisie - Red Class   
People are kind to each other."
Evelyn - Orange Class