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Reception Baseline Assessment

South West Herts Partnership


Following Fundraising:

Christmas Classroom 'Parties' 

Children's Christmas Raffle 

Presentations for New September Classes 

Current Year 1 Purple Class - Going into Year 2 Green Class

Current Reception Red Class - Going into Year 1 Blue Class 

Current Year 1 Blue Class - Going into Year 2 Yellow Class

Current Reception Orange Class - Going into Year 1 Purple Class 

Parent helpers in school

Due to Covid-19 we are not accepting Parent helpers at this time. 

Parent Comments

Parents thought our Christmas Performance was :

"Brilliant. So much confidence and children helped each other shine."

"Oh! So lovely!!  Not even one child was shy.  Amazing."

"The children were brilliant, so much to remember, they all did so well."

"Amazing - well rehearsed, clearly spoken - a pleasure to watch!!  Well done."

"Worth taking the day off for!"

"Fantastic!  The children behaved really well and their actions to the songs were great!"

"Excellent.  The children told the story of Jesus very well."

"Fantastic.  All the children were so confident and the singing brought a tear to my eye."

"Loved the hats the children had made."

"Brilliant. Well done to all the children for a great show and thanks to the teachers for all the hard work."

"Cheerful, festive and amazing.  Well done Reception Classes!"

"Very enjoyable. Puts you in a good mood for Christmas."

"Brilliant!  So many smiles and clear voices; aren't you so lucky to have brilliant teachers to put this on!!  Well done everyone."

"Fantastic you made everyone so proud."