Welcome to Kingsway Infants


Our pupils devised this logo in 2007 after a lot of discussion and consultation. We believe that if your child is happy and enjoying their lessons they will learn more and have a deeper understanding of the concepts involved. We believe that your child will learn best in a happy yet focused environment, where they are confident about "having a go" at a wide range of curriculum activities. We offer activities such as art, music, dance, drama, literacy, numeracy, personal, social, health education and citizenship and swimming to mention but a few. Throughout the year we also have a range of enrichment weeks in which the whole school works together to learn more about a particular focus. eg One world week, Science week, History week etc


We feel that motivating your child is very important. We award stickers for a range of successes including; good behaviour, good learning, kindness, manners etc. These are collected in your child’s ‘Smartcard’ and collated each week. This is then linked to our pyramid display in the hall. This is a focal point in assembly each week. All pupils have their names on the board. As they attain 10, 50, 100, 15, 200, 250 stickers they are called out in assembly to move their name up the board and their success is celebrated by all. They also win a certificate of merit which they bring home in order to share their success with you.

There are also prizes awarded at the end of each half term for progress, manners, achievement in Maths, Literacy, Science, PE, Music etc. These are celebrated both in assembly and in our newsletter for all to see.
We prize good behaviour, manners and respect. We have a very strong behaviour policy. We celebrate good behaviour each week in ‘Golden time.’ This happens throughout the school for twenty minutes on a Friday afternoon. Your child will get to choose from a selection of fun activities which may be in different classes with different teachers.


Two members of each class are voted onto the School Council every year. They work with the Senior Management Team to resolve issues and move the school forward. Eco Champions from each class ensure no electricity or water is wasted and as much as possible is recycled. Monitor responsibilities are also awarded for:  taking the register, helping at snacktime and being a playground buddy etc. We believe that this gives your child opportunities to develop skills for team work and leadership.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our school and working in partnership with you to ensure that all children are happy, safe, make good progress and leave us with a love of learning, respect for themselves, others and the environment.

Please visit us to find out more about our school and answer any questions you or your child may have.
Mrs Caroline T-Walmsley


To find out more about:
Enrichment weeks and special event please see our calendar for more details.
Behaviour and motivation please read our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy.

Learning Styles

It is recognised that all of us have different learning styles: auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. So your child may learn best when he/she can be an excellent listener, or when he/she can see something drawn out, or when he/she can use their body to move around and be more 'hands on'. All children use a combination of all three but with different emphasis. We aim therefore to cater for all three learning styles during every lesson so that we can engage all of our learners.  We also share learning intentions with our children at the start of a lesson together with success criteria and return to them at the end of the lesson so that we can engage them in self-assessment.