Mrs Caroline T-Walmsley
Headteacher, Designated Senior Person (DSP) & Assessment Co-ordinator

Deputy Headteacher

Miss Donna Byrne
Deputy Headteacher, Deputy DSP, SENCO, Inclusion Co-ordinator

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Deborah Knights
Assistant Head Teacher 

Teaching Staff

Reception Red Class

Miss Jo Macdonald
Teaching Reception Red Class

Mrs Wendy Powley
Teaching Assistant

Miss Amy Tristram-Walmsley
Teaching Assistant

Reception Orange Class

Miss Erika Recska

Teacher Reception Orange Class

Mrs Nicolla Hedges

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lorna McMurdie
Supply Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Blue Class

Mr Daniel Papciak

Teacher Year 1 Blue Class

Mrs Hiral Panchal
Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Purple Class

Miss Marianne Cooke

Teacher Purple Class

Mrs Lisa DeSousa
Teaching Assistant 

(Speech & Language)

Year 2 Green Class

Mrs Deborah Knights

Teacher Year 2 Green Class

Mrs Clare Warden
Teaching Assistant

(Lunchtime Learning Co-ordinator)

Mrs Monika Handke
Teaching Assistant

(Art Club, Junior Librarian Co-ordinator, Breakfast Club)

Year 2 Yellow Class

Miss Aimee Smith

Teacher Year 2 Yellow Class

Mrs Bev Gibbings
Teaching Assistant

Mrs Una Fletcher
Teaching Assistant

Other Teaching Support Staff

Mrs Fran Rogers

1:1, Intervention, Deputy, Deputy DSP

Mrs Karen Darnell-Brown
Fisher Family Trust, 1:1 Intervention 

Support Staff

Mrs Leanne Cuddy

Office Administration

Mrs Samantha Pither

Office Administration

Mr Ian Evans


New Century Contract Cleaning Services


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Gladys Coldman

Miss Maria Bunce

Mrs Chrissy Middleton

Miss Trudy Parker

Mrs Maria Green

Breakfast Club Supervisor

Mrs Sarah Kosser

Mrs Monika Handke

Mrs Sumera Noor

Mrs Elizabeth Wheeler
Supply Midday Supervisor

Mrs Averil Heath

We always aim to have at least 8 MSA’s each lunchtime session.